The first bedspread was woven by Bates in 1858 - overly 150 years ago! Since then, Bates has gone on to produce some of America's favorite bedspreads that are always a welcomed gift around the holidays. Check out a few of our favorite advertisements and memories we found while reviewing the Bates archive this holiday season.

1967 Holiday Ad for Queen Elizabeth Bedspread

This vintage ad from 1967 features one of our most popular bedspreads that is still in production today: Queen Elizabeth. We love the concept that is captured by the ad, "You can make a whole bedroom merry if you gift wrap the bed."

An Edgey 1960s Holiday Ad Featuring a Colorful Classic

Another ad - albeit a bit more edgy - from the 1960s features a model displaying a bright bedspread from that era, "Not all good things come in small packages." Indeed, we agree - a Bates bedspread is always a welcomed gift under the tree. 


1945 Merry Christmas from Bates 

Featuring the jolly Santa that we know and love today, this Christmas cover from 1945 is a beautiful reminder of the rich history behind Bates. During this time, Bates was nearing the end of its wartime production. When soldiers came back, Bates Bedspreads became one of the most popular wedding gifts during the late 1940s and 1950s. In fact - to this day, we receive notes from folks who still have the Bates Bedspread that they received as a wedding gift at this time.

Do you have your own rich holiday traditions or Bates memories to share? Feel free to post in the comments. 

December 22, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier


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That quilt is beautiful! Quilts aren’t alayws my “thing” but this one is so classy. The muted colors are soothing, but still lively. Great to be following you!

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