Decorating your home for the holidays is even more fun when you (and your kids) can say, “I made that!” Get started today with one of these festive DIY creations.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Remember making these when you were a kid? Fold a coffee filter in half, then thirds, then in half again, and cut out a design (need a visual? Look here > Simply unfold to reveal your masterpiece and tape them to your windows for the fun effect seen above. [Photo Source >]

Glowing Garland

Guests will think you shelled out the big bucks for this one. Cut your choice of ribbon (the picture above uses burlap) into 4-inch strips and tie them to a strand of lights. Plug it in and viola! [Photo Source >]

Hanging Gifts

While you are in the midst of wrapping presents, grab a few of the picture frames off your wall and wrap those as well! Hang them back up for a quick and easy holiday wall decoration. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! [Photo Source >]

Advent Calendar

This DIY advent calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza… and absolutely any event you are eagerly awaiting! [Photo Source >]

Stocking Made of Bates Fabric Remnants

This one is a tad more advanced than our other DIY decorations – but is well worth the effort! The stocking above was made using our remnant fabrics and adorned with a festive Christmas pin. Visit our store to buy your own fabric (or even this stocking!)


Happy Holidays!

December 09, 2014 — Katie Cloutier

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