The original idea for this week’s blog was to compile a list of American Made bath towels. Come to find out, nearly all quality bath towels still made in the USA are manufactured by one company, 1888 Mills in Griffin, Georgia. So, we shifted our focus to the broader picture: the bathroom as a whole. Here’s what we found for Made in USA bathroom essentials…


Surprise! Manufactured by 1888 Mills the Jessica Simpson® Collection features 100% ring spun combed cotton bath towels creatively designed by Jessica herself (with a little help from mom and baby sister of course!). Find out where to purchase these beauties here.


Shower Curtains

We all know that traditional vinyl shower curtains tend to accumulate a slimy film over time (which, by the way, is in no way reflective of your housekeeping skills or lack there-of). Fortunately, the Ty Shower Curtain is resistant to this and when it does come time for a cleaning, it’s machine washable! When it eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be easily recycled because it’s made of #2 plastic.


But wait! There’s more…. if you’re artistically inclined (or enjoy pretending to be) you can opt for the Ty DIY Edition, which comes with a marker for personalizing your otherwise blank shower curtain. AWESOME!


Bath Rugs

Several months ago we had a customer reach out to us asking if we knew of any Made in USA bath rugs. At the time, unfortunately, we didn’t have any leads for them. That’s why we were super excited to find this gem during our recent dive into the sea of inter-web. The Savannah Organic Cotton Deep-pile Bathmat is 100% organic and manufactured in the USA by Rawganique. It’s also surprisingly affordable for a domestically produced organic product (score!).



Mike + Ally has been creating luxury bath accessories for 25 years. Despite pressures to outsource, they continue to hand make each unique piece entirely at their studio in New York City. You’ll pay a pretty penny for a set, but watch how they are made and tell us it isn’t worth every cent! Shop now.



Last, but certainly not least, a true bathroom essential. Garland Goat Soap of Vermont makes their soap in small batches omitting the use of any synthetic fragrances, which can dry out and irritate your skin (but don’t worry, they still smell nice). We have actually had the pleasure of using these soaps and we must say – they’re great! But don’t take our word for it, learn how their soaps are different and then try them for yourself.

We hope you've been inspired to give your bathroom a Made in USA face lift.  If you know of a Made in USA bathroom essential, please let us know in the comments below!

April 28, 2016 — Katie Cloutier


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Thank you so much for this list!

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