It happens to the best of us. The clock is dialing down to the big Fall feast and you find yourself lacking the time to make everything perfect. This year, you don’t have to compromise between a great meal and festive décor because you can have both! These simple decorating solutions can be accomplished in the minutes between potato mashing and turkey basting. 

Corn Kernal Candle Holder


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Whether you use an old flower vase or utilize your everyday glassware, these candleholders will be the perfect last minute accent to your Thanksgiving table. 

Marbled Pumpkins


Still have some mini pumpkins hanging around from Halloween? Get the supplies set up and then let the kids go to town on this one. Stack the finished pumpkins in a decorative bowl or line them on the mantle.  Learn how here.

Tree of Thanks



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Pry your husband away from the deviled eggs and send him outside to find a bare branch to transform into your families Tree of Thanks. Have your friends and family jot down what they are most thankful for and use ribbon, string, or even fishing line to hang the ornaments on the tree.

Repurposed Books


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You may have stuffed all your books away in a dark corner after the Kindle was invented, but now they have purpose once again!



Last but not least, prepare for post-turkey naps with a cozy blanket from Bates Mill Store. Leave them folded on the end of the couch so that your guests have easy access as they drift into dreamland.

November 24, 2014 — Katie Cloutier

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