Woven Bedspread Production: Finishing (Step 3)

"How Bedspreads are Made" is a three part series that walks through the steps Maine Heritage Weavers takes to weave a Bates bedspread or blanket. It begins with raw materials and walks step by step through to finishing the product before it is shipped to a customer.


As bedspreads and blankets are woven, they wind onto a continuous roll.  Individual bedspreads or blankets are cut from this roll in the cutting process.

Did you know: Our cutting team can cut up to 30 king size Abigail Adams bedspreads in an hour.


Our stitchers work on industrial sewing machines to both hem and stitch fringe onto our bedspreads and blankets.

Did yo u know: We stitch over 4 million inches of fringe on to bedspreads each year.


Once our bedspreads and blankets have been stitched, they are washed and dried in our industrial-sized washer and dryers. This washing process also allows customers to receive bedspreads and blankets that are preshrunk when they are purchased making it very easy to throw your own textiles in your own home washer (versus getting them dry-cleaned).

Did you know:  Our washers can fit up to 10 king size bedspreads. To put this in perspective, an average home washer only fits 1 king size bedspread.

Inspection and Folding

Teams of two people work to inspect our bedspreads and blankets for defects and to package them for sale.

Did you know: We inspect over 100 blankets and bedspreads every day.

Packaging & Shipping

Once our bedspreads and blankets have been inspected to insure top quality, they are packaged and shipped to customers and merchants around the world.  

Did you know:  Our bedspreads have been displayed in popular TV series such as True Blood and Boardwalk Empire, as well as other motion pictures throughout the years.


September 26, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier

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