Arguably the most colorful of all four seasons, fall provides ample and endless opportunity for decorating your living space both inside and out. The great thing is, it practically begs for variety – a cornucopia of colors and themes - meaning you don’t have to be an interior designer or meticulous planner to make your fall décor look spectacular. In this blog, we’ll start you off with a few ideas.

#1 – Hang a Wreath

Ah, yes, the wreath - a staple decoration for all seasons. On the front door, wreaths act as a welcoming feature for you and your guests. Indoors, they provide that splash of nature that fall décor tends to be centered around.

#2 – Repurpose Seasonal Items

An easy way to come up with fall decorating ideas is to draw inspiration from the activities that typically happen this time of year. Mason jars are commonly related fall because this is the time of year people do most of their canning. Other common fall activities include apple picking, raking leaves, haying and basically anything related to harvest!

#3 – Expand Your Color Palate

When fall comes around, you may suddenly find yourself swimming in a sea of red, yellow and orange. These colors are customary for the season, and although absolutely beautiful, it’s hard to stand out if you stick to this exact same palate year after year.

This year, try adding some deep purples and bright greens to the mix. These colors compliment the expected fall palate perfectly. It will also make for a simple transition to Halloween because all you’ll have to do is add some black elements to the picture, and viola! Bring it on trick-or-treaters!

#4 – Incorporate Elements of Nature

If you are thrifty, fall should be your favorite time of year to decorate because you can obtain the majority of your decorations for free in your own back yard (or your neighbors, we won’t tell.) Acorns, pinecones, pumpkins, gourds, apples and leaves are the perfect accent to your fall décor. You can be super creative with these items, or simply place them throughout your home to add that fall flare.

#5 - Add an Accent Throw with a Harvest Motif or Autumn Color

As the days cool down and you're looking for ways to get cozy, consider a festive Tuscany Throw that features a vineyard motif - perfect for harvest time. If you prefer another style, you could always go with a color like linen to match the vibrant fall colors.

September 16, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier

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