Here at Bates Mill Store we carry an array of bedspreads, many of which boast a vintage look.  Despite having incorporated more modern styles into our collections, our customers continue to be drawn to these heirloom designs.  Perhaps they enjoy the timeless beauty and unfading popularity of these bedspreads, or maybe these styles bring back a nostalgic memory of sleeping over at Grandma’s house.  Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that there is still a large market for our vintage designs.

The question is, how does one incorporate these bedspreads into their modern day décor?  In this blog we have 5 helpful hints for blending your modern style with our designs of yesteryear.

 #1 - Don’t be afraid to use color

            The use of color can go a long way in bringing a current, lively feel to an otherwise out-of-date or boring space.  At the same time, choosing a color palate can be intimidating!  Start by researching what colors are trending at the moment.  A variety of resources are available on the Internet that offer both current and projected color trends for the year (start here > You can also look for inspiration in the world around you.  Go to the paint store and grab some swatches that catch your eye (even if you don’t plan to paint, these can be helpful tools in visualizing the colors you want to see featured in your new space).  Once you have found your pallet, you can start thinking about how to incorporate these colors into your décor. 

 #2 – Refinish vintage furniture

            Vintage furniture was built to last – so there’s a big inventory out there if you know where to look.  To accommodate a small budget, your best bet is to visit some flea markets, stop at yard sales or search online marketplaces such as Craigslist.  Heck, maybe Grandma has an old piece in the attic that she’ll give you for your Birthday!  It will take some digging, but you are likely to find a deal.  Otherwise, check out an antique store.  You’ll pay more, but often times the furniture is in great shape and may not even require refinishing. 

            Once you have chosen your furniture pieces, you will need to decide whether to maintain the original look, or to spice it up by slapping on some paint.  As you can see in our sample picture below, we went with the paint option.  The pieces maintain their vintage silhouette, but the color brings them to the new age.  Choosing to keep the original finish of the furniture is also a great option that will strongly reinforce the vintage look you are going for.

 #3 – Throw (in) pillows

            Throw pillows are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to tie everything together.  Choose pillows that have an accent of color matching another piece in your room, or that compliment the physical design of another piece.  For example, in the picture below we choose one pillow to subtly compliment the color of the coral dresser, and two others that are woven in a terry style to match the New England Tradition Bedspread. 

#4 – Faux works too!

             Who ever said you can’t fake it ‘till you make it?  Look for vintage-inspired pieces at your local home-goods store.  We highly doubt anyone will call you out for impersonating vintage goods… but if they do just throw them a faux smile and politely rescind their invitation your awesome modern/vintage room.

 #5 – Always Accessorize

            Small details can make a big impact.  In our picture, we chose some antique frames that were painted to match the chosen color palate.  Other accessories such as lamps, mirrors, rugs, throws, doilies, window treatments and paintings can be strategically chosen and placed to compliment the larger focal pieces in your new space.  This might very well be the most fun part of your remodeling project because accessories allow you add that splash of personality that makes your space truly unique.    




These helpful hints are just the starting point to your adventure in creating the perfect modern vintage space for your home.  Be creative and have fun! Remember, you don’t have to re-write the book… if you find yourself drawing a blank, look for inspiration online, in a magazine or from your friends. Have fun and good luck!

August 05, 2014 — Katie Cloutier

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