We weave thousands of yards of material every week and though most of our material is finished into bedspreads and blankets, we do end up with some remnant material that our fans have found creative uses for. In this post, we’re excited to share five of these great ideas.

1. Car Seat Blanket for a Baby

This idea came from one of our very own stitchers, Sylvia. She used a remnant piece of our George Washington’s Choice Blankets and then lined it with a light piece of cotton material. The hole you see in the middle is for where the seat belt clasp would be located.

2. Pet Bed to Match a Bedspread

Julie from Wisconsin ordered additional material to match her Abigail Bedspread to create a custom dog bed for her pup. Though she stuffed the bed herself, it’s also possible to make a cover for an existing pet bed for a dog or cat. By making a cover, it also makes it easy to just throw the cover into your washer and dryer at home since the remnant material is machine washable like our bedspreads and blankets.

3. Window Treatments - Valance or Curtains

We’ve had many folks buy material to sew their own custom treatments to match their favorite bedspreads - bringing a complete Bates look to their bedrooms.

4. Handmade Rugs

One of our most creative customers actually uses our remnant material to make handmade rugs. This was something that we had no idea was possible but were incredibly impressed to see the creativity and ingenuity that went into these beautiful handmade crafts.

5. Throw Pillows

A classic! We love to see the different pillows that folks come up with - especially since part of the beauty of the remnant pieces is that you never know what part of the pattern you could get (a unicorn from the Hampton Roads or perhaps a floral medallion from Queen Elizabeth?). It makes for some amazing variation across the pillows that we’ve seen sewn.

While these are just five ways we’ve seen folks use our remnant material, we know there are lots more great craft ideas out there. Have some of your own creative projects? Send them our way. 


Additional Ideas from Customers:

  • Bath Mats
  • Sweater Vests
  • Shawls
  • Mufflers
  • Lap Blankets
  • Baby Blankets
May 14, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier


Regina Baragona said:

Do you sell pound pieces? I would love to purchase some. I love to hobby sew for my grand- daughter. Thank you. Regina Baragona

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