Where to Buy Made in USA Sheets & Pillows February 25, 2016 12:16 9 Comments

As a well-known retailer for American Made bedspreads, our customers often turn to us for recommendations on where to buy bed sheets and pillows to complete their Made in USA look. These inquiries prompted us to do some research so that we could give good advice on the topic.

It is important to note that, with the rise of the American Made movement, more and more companies are using the terms “American Made” or “Made in USA” as a marketing tool. Some companies may use the term loosely to get you to their site, only to find that the term applies to a small number of their products, or only a portion of their manufacturing operation is based in America. For this reason, it is important to do your homework to truly understand the extent to which the product you are buying is “Made in the USA”.

We kept this in mind as we did our research, and turned up several trusted options for pillows and bed sheets that are made right here in the USA, which we’d like to share with you now.

Made in USA Pillows


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Bates Mill Store

We're thrilled to have added Made in USA throw pillow inserts to our store. Our throw pillow inserts come in 3 popular sizes and are made of 100% organic cotton. Featuring a medium firmness that lasts for years, you'll be pleased with the quality of these pillow inserts for years to come.


Traditional pillows are stuffed with polyester, feathers or foam. Not the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow! The buckwheat hull stuffing provides a breathable, supportive and all-natural spot to rest your head at night. It also doesn’t hurt our feelings that every component of the pillow is designed and produced right here in the USA!


Perfect for the chronic allergy sufferer. Malpaca Pillows are stuffed with alpaca hair, which is naturally dust-mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. Furthermore, the pillow casing is made of organic material, which means it doesn’t have any of those pesky fire-retardant chemicals that are often added to bedding.


Lifekind offers an array of organic pillows made in the USA. Whether you are looking for a standard bed pillow, a body pillow or a travel pillow, they’ve got you covered.

Made in USA Sheets


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Bates Mill Store

We're proud to share that we've recently added Made in USA Sheets to our own offerings. Our beautiful 100% cotton sheets come in a range of sizes and can be purchased in sets or individually. 


Even though we at Bates are partial to cotton, we cannot deny that there is much to be said for linen as a bedding material. It’s cooling, dries quickly and gets naturally softer with time. Linoto produces its linen sheets (and other home accessories) at their workshop in New York City.   We also can’t get enough of their bold color offerings!

Kelly Green Organic

Kelly Green Organic is committed to providing a quality product with the best interest of the environment (and the customer!) in mind. They offer several styles of USA made bed sheets with locally harvested materials such as cotton, hemp or silk. Custom sizing is also available. 


The CozyPure factory in Norfolk, Virginia uses their own wind turbines and solar panels to create the energy they use. Founder Cheryl Hahn is extremely committed to green energy and organic bedding. You can rest easy on their cotton sheets, or take it a step further with one of their organic mattresses as well.

**UPDATE** Authenticity 50

Since posting this blog back in February, we have come across another manufacturer for American Made sheets.  Authenticity 50 was started by a husband/wife team who, while furnishing their own home, recognized a lack of resources for American Made sheets, especially sheets that were produced entirely in the US from start to finish. 

A quote from their website states, "A50 was founded on the belief that we can make the finest home goods in the world, right here in America. We don't compromise on quality. We don't compromise on values. We don't manufacture overseas - Never have. Never will."  ... That sounds good to us!

Do you know of a company that makes or sells American Made bedding?  Let us know in the comments below!