Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet

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George Washington chose the original of this coverlet for his lovely bride, Martha. Though the original weave was lost when textile machinery replaced skilled hand weavers, the talented team at Bates Manufacturing was able to resurrect this beautiful heavyweight pattern in 1940.

Known today as "Martha Washington's Choice," America's most famous bed cover was originally introduced as the "George Washington's Choice" as a bedspread. Through its 75 years of continuous production, it has also been labeled “America’s First” and simply “George Washington." Even though the names may have changed over the years, the classic weave and texture have remained throughout its lifetime.

Martha Washington’s Choice Coverlet is traditionally finished with a pom pom fringe and rounded corners at the foot.

Also available as a bedspread (21" drop): Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread.

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Twin: 66″ x 102″ | Full: 78″ x 102″ | Queen: 84″ x 110″ | King: 102″ x 110″

Made in USA. Machine Wash and Dry. 100% Preshrunk Cotton.

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