Factory Seconds: Full Size

$ 115.00 $ 230.00


Factory Select Seconds are products that do not pass our detailed inspection process due to slight irregularities. Irregularities come in many forms, but the most common is a weave defect (visual flaw in the pattern/weave).

You can rest assured that your Factory Select Second:

    • will have the same structural integrity as a first quality product
    • will measure within 4 inches of the standard dimensions for that style
    • will be one of a kind!

In summary, Factory Select Seconds may not be perfect, but they are perfectly functional (and stylish!).

Please note: Fringe finishes may vary from the featured images.


Full Bedspread: 96" x 110"

Full Coverlet: 78" x 102"

Made in USA. Machine Wash and Dry. 100% Preshrunk Cotton.

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