Bates Mill Store Refer-A-Friend Program

How does the Refer-A-Friend Program work?

The Bates Mill Store Refer-A-Friend Program works by allowing you to be rewarded for referring friends to the Bates Mill Store. When you refer a friend, the friend will receive a 15% off their first purchase. For each successful referral, you will receive a $15 coupon. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Anyone who has a registered account with the Bates Mill Store can make referrals by sharing their custom links with their friends (see below for more information on this). Sign in here to begin referring friends. If you don't currently have an account, you can create one by clicking here.

Who can receive offers?

Anyone who follows a referral link to our store will be shown a “Welcome Overlay” where he or she can redeem the 15% Off Coupon by entering his/her email address. Only new email addresses (i.e. email address that have not been used in any registered store account) will receive an offer.

What is a "successful referral?"

A “successful referral” is when a referred friend successfully completes a purchase with the Bates Mill Store. After this transaction takes place, you will receive a $15 coupon for making the referral.

How do I make a Referral?

There are three ways that you can make Referrals. Please remember your Referral MUST click through the links that you provide them in order for them to receive their $15 Off Coupon and for you to be credited with your $15 coupon:

  • Share Links – If you're logged into your account, access your sharing links here. Don't have an account? No worries. Create one by clicking here.
  • Post-purchase – After you make a purchase, you will be asked to share the Bates Mill Store with your friends. You'll be able to make referrals through email, Facebook post, Twitter or by copying and sharing a special referral link generated just for you.

Once your friends visit the Bates Mill Store via one of your links, they will be prompted to sign up for our newsletter (They must sign up in order for us to send them their coupon code - They are free to unsubscribe at any time). Once they enter their email address, they will receive a coupon code via email that they can redeem on their first purchase from the Bates Mill Store. Once they complete this purchase, you will also receive an email with your $15 coupon.